Once you’ve learned how to grow members in Facebook group and you used the methods to grow your group, it’s time to monetize your work. One simple way you can do that is via affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a product of your own you can promote affiliate products to get a commission when someone buys the product.

At the start of everything, you can also learn what is the fastest growing demographic group on Facebook and learn what they would be interested in so you can find some affiliate products to sell to them. It’s an excellent idea that might get your group numbers up quickly and you’ll be able to monetize much faster than usual.

Using affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to monetize your fully grown Facebook group because you’re already selling a product that is proven and bought by many others. Basically, it’s the preferred method of most marketers that utilize their Facebook groups to its maximum potential.

Picking an Affiliate Program

The first step to successfully monetizing your Facebook group with an affiliate product is to find the right program. The right program would be one that offers value but also has high commissions for you. There are quite a few things that you need to take a look at when choosing an affiliate program and those are:

  • Value of the product – check if it’s a good product that people in your group will love.
  • How often it’s refunded – check if there is a high refund rate of the product.
  • What kind of affiliate support do they offer – check if they have customer support for their affiliates.
  • What kind of commission they offer – check how much you earn for a sale.
  • Do you get a lifetime commission or just a one time – this one is very important because some affiliate programs offer just a onetime commission and when the customers return to their site to buy something else, you don’t get anything for the next one even though you were the one that brought them in and showed them the amazing products.

Once you find a program that you can get on board with because it’s something you believe will offer value to your group and also earn you money, you can proceed to the next part.

Pick 1 or 2 Affiliate Products From The Program

You don’t want to overwhelm the group by offering too many products at once. You want to start slow and offer them something that you would buy and something that you believe will have tremendous value in your customer’s life. Think about this like selling to your closest family and if you would recommend a product to them then you can go ahead and market it to your Facebook group as well.

Pick a Few Complimentary Products

Once you have your main products you can move on to the complementary products. These would come after someone gets one of your main products. It’s an upsell that you’re offering to those who already bought your main products. Make sure that your complimentary products are linked with the main products because if you offer your clients something completely unrelated you may lose them forever.

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