Growing your Facebook group is not something you do once and it’s done. It’s a process that has to be repeated and you have to keep growing it so it doesn’t just wither and become inactive. There are many things you can do as we already mentioned but you need to constantly do them so that your group is engaged and people get value out of being members there. You need to post content regularly that will offer value to your group members, post challenges for your group to engage them in a way that they will find interesting and valuable, and so on. There’s this one thing that many marketers who use Facebook for business purposes forget about and that’s inviting people they become friends with to join their group.

A Proper Facebook Friend Request

When you get a friend request from someone that you know is interested in the same things you are, remember to send them a personalized invite to join your group where you can, later on, engage him to become a client. It’s easy to forget this because it doesn’t seem very significant but it’s one of the best ways to turn prospects into leads and customers.

Befriending Members in Other Similar Groups

Another thing many people forget about is that sending a friend request costs nothing. This is something you can use to your advantage. As a marketer, you’re probably in more groups that have the same niche and you can use it to attract people in those groups to join your group as well. Participating in discussions will get you noticed and when you offer some value to someone’s question, make sure to send them a friend request and an invitation to join your group. It’s an easy and free way to get people over to your group and increase your membership.

Here are some automated tools to help you friend people, store email and contact info, and re-market your efforts through different communication channels

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Inviting People To You Group From Your Business Page

Another thing that many marketers easily forget is to invite the people that like their business page to their Facebook group. Granted these are people that already like your page but you’ll be using your group in a different way and you want them to participate in the challenges you prepare for them because, in the end, you’ll offer something that they can buy and you’ll get a commission.

A More Personal Touch When It Comes to Facebook

Becoming friends with someone that is in your Facebook group or another Facebook group makes your relationship more personal and builds more trust between you and the prospect. You will be able to chat privately which will build a better relationship and a sense of trust. People always feel much better when they can talk directly to the admin of a group to address their needs and concerns about a subject or a challenge and being friends on Facebook with your group members is the easiest way to do that.

Doing the tactics we mentioned above will surely make you a better marketer and increase the chances of getting new leads and growing your Facebook group to a point where you have enough members and you can start introducing affiliate products for them to buy. Although, these seem like very small steps they go a long way in building your brand and getting the trust of your customers.