Facebook groups have been around for quite some time now and they are one of the best features on this social platform. It’s a great feature that you can use to connect with your followers and use it to promote your brand. You can even make some money with Facebook. This is why growing a Facebook group organically is a very important feature and as the big brands are taking advantage of it, so should you. If you are looking for a way to grow your Facebook group in an organic way there are a few steps you could take and make sure your group becomes the fastest-growing group on Facebook.

Step 1: What’s The Purpose Of Your Group?

The first thing you have to determine is the purpose of your group. When you create the group, don’t just make it without a purpose behind it. The purpose of your group will allow you to figure out what your target audience is and once you know what your target audience is you can create unique goals that would be appealing to the people you target. This is the key and the most important step of all the ways to grow your Facebook group.

Step 2: Creating a Proper Community

When you have a group with a clear purpose you can start focusing on how to grow Facebook group members. There are a bunch of ways you can do this but you want to get specific people in your group that would align with the purpose of your group. There are a few options for your group settings but the one that is recommended for faster-growing Facebook groups is to set it as public so anyone can join. This option is preferable because it’s much easier for your followers to find this group and join in.

Step 3: Promote Your Group

To grow a Facebook group fast you should promote it to the right people. People that are your target audience are preferable because there are more chances that they follow you. You can use different tactics to promote your group efficiently and the best ones are:

  • Invite your Facebook friends – it’s easy and straightforward but it’s effective. Not everyone responds to the invites people send out but the ones they do, actually follow the group and engage in discussions.
  • Use your FB Brand page – promote your newly formed Facebook group on your existing brand FB page. Add a post inviting everyone to join your group and try sweetening the deal with some sort of a promotion that would get them to share your group with your friends.
  • Link your Group – use the link of your group to invite people even outside of Facebook. Use it in your newsletters, LinkedIn, Emails, and so on. The more people you reach the better it is for the growth of your group.
  • Use influencers – find some influencers on Facebook or Instagram that are in your particular niche and try to get them to endorse your FB group and help you promote it. Influencers with many followers can help you a lot in growing your group fast.

Use other groups to promote your own – posting in similar groups is also a viable strategy that can propel your group forward and allow it to grow faster organically. What you need to do is find a few groups that are similar to yours and contact their admins to see if they are up for a cross-promotion. This means that you get a promotion in their group while they get a promotion in your group. It’s an excellent strategy that is mutually beneficial for both group owners. It will let you grow your audience much faster which is the entire point.