Building a tribe of followers is so important no matter what business you have.  You might just be an online affiliate marketer, own a Brick and Mortar store,  a digital agency, or just trying to make money online.

The Blueprint Strategy To Monetize A Facebook Group:

Nurturing Your Audience

Thinking that just because you have a web presence online that displays your products , or a social media page, or a group that has value presented on its page, is not enough by itself to generate leads and convert sales. You need a process to nurture your audience.

Audience Development Process

Free Group Creation:  Pick a name that best relates to what product or brand you are trying to promote create the group in Facebook.  Please do some keyword research on groups just like yours and find some keyword tools online to help you with this process. Group Names and descriptions are important. You want Facebook to organically advertise your group when people search for what you offer.

Free Course: You need to have a reason why someone will join your group. You have to have something of value to get someone to join your group.  Do some research on what some of your competition may be giving away.  It needs to have some golden nuggets!

Members Area: I would put your Free Course in the members area so you can get people to opt in from your group.  Your opt in page will capture their email address.

Affiliate Course:  Seek out someone that has a product or service that will share a commission on a product that can be a gateway into your next promotion, course, services..ect.

Monetizing your own products or services: Course creation is an excellent way to make money with your Facebook group.  Your group will help you understand what you need to create.

Thanks for giving me the steps Kelly! But how do I get people to enter my group so can start the process?

Facebook Recruiting Process

1.) Sign up for Facebook groups that have your potential customers in them

2.) Message prospects or make post in those groups

3.) Ask them to join your Facebook group

Building a Facebook group and monetizing it, is hard work and it requires discipline!  If you put in the time your members will get value and buy your products and services.  Facebook, Funnels and Seo was created by following other peoples success like Russell Brunson from Click Funnels, Andrew Kroeze of Tribe of Buyers and Doug Boughton from Dream Car Accelerator.  I welcome you to join my facebook group and the learn more!