Facebook groups are an underrated feature of Facebook that many business owners take for granted and don’t pay much attention to when in fact they are very viable. They have the potential to generate lots of leads that you can use in your digital marketing campaign. Facebook groups can be created by anyone who has a profile on Facebook and the great thing about having a group is that you can get focused members in it where you are in charge of the rules or allow members to join with a membership. It’s an overall great way to use in generating digital leads for your business and here’s why:

1.     You can engage your members in a deeper and more personal way

Having a Facebook group will allow your business to develop a deeper relationship with your clients because in it they can ask questions and post their opinions. They can also open discussions and you can use all of this to your advantage. By answering their questions and addressing the concerns they are posting in your group they will feel more special and your brand will be more trustworthy. Facebook also has an option to set your group privacy to “secret” which will make your members feel special because they are privy to an exclusive membership in an elite group that’s dedicated to them.

2.     Personalization

When we compare groups to other Facebook-related pages like business pages or profiles, groups offer more value to the members. They are more personal and people who join these groups are often interested in the niche. Groups often have valuable information in the form of a discussion between members or posts from the admins. Additionally, admins have more tools to give even more value to the members. They can upload files that are available to the group members at any time and they don’t have to scroll too far to find what they are looking for.

3.     Groups have additional marketing tools available for admins

Probably the most important feature of having a group is that you have access to additional marketing tools that will help you grow your business and generate leads. One of those is the notifications users get when you post something new to a group. Depending on the users’ preferences the members can get notifications any time something new is posted in the group which is not the instance with Facebook pages because of the algorithms Facebook is using. This way you can alert your members whenever you post something of value to your page and share it with your group.


Having a Facebook group is extremely beneficial for generating lead magnets because it makes people in the group feel special and increases overall engagement. You will be able to connect with your group members on a more personal level and they will feel the same because you can address their questions and concerns as well as provide answers to direct questions. People really appreciate it when they are listened to and they get an answer to their question. A dedicated Facebook group will fulfill this need and you can grow your Facebook organically at no cost. Finally, as a group admin, you’ll have access to some other great marketing tools like post engagements, emails of your members, and many more which you can use to further advance your business and generate lead magnets so you can send newsletters in the future.