Facebook has a lot of active users and it keeps growing bigger and bigger with each passing year. There are some tactics on how to grow a Facebook group 2018 and how to grow a Facebook group 2019 that are a bit outdated and don’t work anymore in 2020. Since this year is shortly coming to an end there are some things that worked this year that won’t work for the next one. That’s why we made a guide on how to grow a Facebook group fast in 2021 and all you need to do is follow these few simple steps.

Get Rid of Fake Followers

They are completely useless because they only pump up your numbers but never engage with your posts or discussions. This used to be a good tactic that would inflate your numbers and make people think that it’s a huge group but many caught on quickly on this trend and now it might backfire. If you asked someone how to grow Facebook group 2019 or before, this would be the first thing they would recommend. Another thing that you’ll gain by getting rid of fake followers is more engagement on your posts which is appreciated by the Facebook algorithm. It will detect that your posts have engagement and it will increase your exposure on posts you add in the future.

Groups Pro

Groups Pro https://bit.ly/3jbhpCU  is a chrome extension that will take your group members and move them to a database that you can access. This virtual database can push your Facebook members to a google sheet, active campaign, Clickfunnels, so you can integrate an auto email responder. That email responder will continue to contact your members that come into the group and market your message or brand.

Invite People to Your Group

Use a Google extension to invite all of your friends in your group and constantly invite new people to your group. It’s basic but many people forget to do it. You can invite people to join your group when they like a post you share as well. Anytime you see someone that might be a potential client because he or she interacted with a post in your niche, send them an invite. You stand to gain a client and lose nothing.

Use Your Articles To Get More Members

When you post to your website or blog, make sure you add a call to action at the end of your articles. Make that call to action to join up in your Facebook group and only use that one. Don’t give them multiple choices to take action because many may get confused and not do anything even though they like the content you’re providing. Share that content wherever you can, use LinkedIn or other publishing platforms but don’t forget to add a reminder about joining your Facebook group at the end of it.

Pick Specific Placements if You Are Running Ads for Your Group

Ads are great but poorly placed ad might lose you money and get you nothing. That’s why it’s important to turn off the option of automatic placements for the ads that you run for your group. When you turn off automatic placements you’ll be able to choose different options and pick what is most important for you. The most beneficial thing you should use is engagement. You also want to prevent your ads from showing up on Instagram because you’re trying to get members to join your group on Facebook so you need to untick that as well.

Following these 4 basic things will definitely answer your question on how to grow your group on Facebook in 2021 and it will definitely get you better results than just doing what people have been doing in the past. Of course, sometimes past tactics work just as good but more often than not you’ll find that there are different strategies when you look for how to grow your Facebook group in 2019 and compare it with 2020 or another year.