Depending on your niche you can select to target specific prospects inside a Facebook group and even select your custom audience when you create an ad. This doesn’t have to be in your group. You can target people in other groups that are similar to yours too. The fact you can set up a custom audience for your ad campaign is a feature that can elevate your business and get you more prospects that you can, later on, turn into clients. There are many ways you can use the targeting options but the best ones are the following:

Target Specific People In Facebook Groups

The best way to get prospects by targeting specific people in Facebook groups that have a similar niche to yours is to post amazing content that offers great value to those groups. Make sure the content you made is absolutely amazing and offers the best out of you. Also, make sure you only post this video to the groups you want to pull prospects from. The content you post must be from your business page and not your private profile so you get information about the engagement so you also need to make sure you hide the video from the people on your business page. Once the video gets a bunch of views, comments, questions, and so on, make sure you answer everything and encourage discussions. After a while, you can create an ads campaign that will invite people to join your group and the target audience will be those who engaged with the post you shared in all the groups. That way you’re targeting specific people within Facebook groups.

Target a Specific Person with Ads

You can take Facebook targeting to another level and target only one person that you think is a great prospect you can turn into a client. This is fairly easy especially if you have this person’s email address. If you don’t have his email you can try to find it out by visiting his Facebook profile and checking the about section where people usually list their emails. Once you have the person’s email you need to create an ads campaign and upload your own list of emails which will have about 60 emails including the email of the person you want to target. Afterward, you need to set up the campaign to target the gender of the person you want to see your ad and the age range of the person. For example, if your target is a male that is about 35 you need to upload a list of emails with his email and 59 female emails and afterward select your target to be men between 30 and 40. This will ensure that only the person you want is seeing your ad. Afterward you’ll just need to track and see how many times this person has viewed your ad.

Final Thoughts

Both of these methods are powerful tools that any marketer who is using Facebook for his business should be taking advantage of. They allow you to target audiences that have already engaged with your post and have the most potential to join your group and become clients in the future. The second targeting option is great if you’re sure that the person you’re targeting is looking for the thing you’re offering but can’t find the proper product that will satisfy him or her.

They are both great for increasing the number of members of your Facebook group with prospects that you can, later on, turn into customers without being too pushy with emails like most salespeople. Make sure you don’t waste your time with these methods and only use them for people who show a lot of promise of being excellent customers in the future. They take quite a lot of time to set up and manage properly.