One of the best ways to engage your Facebook group is by creating challenges for your members. Creating challenges is a great tactic you can use if you’re wondering how to make your Facebook group grow. You can create awesome challenges that will engage your members and encourage them to participate but there are a lot of options to go for. The best challenge you can create for your groups that has shown to be most successful is a 5-day challenge. You will also have to make this challenge in a way that it’s well-structured and promoted.

Five days is the perfect amount of days for a challenge of this sort because it is enough time for the members in your group to get closer to your brand and learn what you’re all about without becoming too boring for them or too time-consuming so they quit. If people quit before your challenge is over you won’t be able to give them a paid offer that will generate you profits and if it’s too short they may not be engaged enough to go for the offer.

Join our 5-day challenge and build out your own:

To create a 5-day challenge you need to follow these steps:

Naming Your Challenge

Don’t rush this part. Make sure you think of a title but don’t finalize it before you have a few opinions of your ideal clients. It’s one of the more important steps because the title may make no sense to your group members if you rush with the name. The process doesn’t have to take too long but it’s paramount that you get the opinion of your ideal clients from your or other related groups. Basically, the essential rules you need to follow here are:

  • Make it short and catchy about 3 words would be the best.
  • Explain the results your members will get at the end.
  • Create it with a specific goal.
  • Make it crystal clear so your members know exactly what it’s about.

Promoting Your Challenge

To be successful, the challenge has to be promoted. It will not only help you with the question, how to grow my Facebook group but also increase the engagement and participants in the challenge. Setting a goal for this part is important so you know what you want to get out of the promotion. Once you set up a goal such as getting a few hundred members in your challenge you can go ahead and set the promotion time to the optimal 2 weeks. Some of the things you can do are to post the challenge on your business page, personal Facebook page, change the cover so more people can get hyped about it, and so on. You can even do a live chat to further explain what your members will get from this challenge.

Daily Content For Participants

For the challenge to be useful for your members and help you with the question of how to make a Facebook group grow you need to send the participants daily instruction of what they have to do to follow the challenge. You can either use Facebook or email for this part. It’s best that you have everything ready before the start of your challenge so you are not in a rush when the challenge starts.

Making an Offer

This part is where you can monetize your Facebook and turn your challenge participants into clients. The best way to do this is by offering something of value that will feel natural to the participants. Like it’s the logical next step they need to do to further advance their lives. So, at this point, you have 3 options.

  • Email marketing – this would mean that you’ll need the emails of your participants and have them in a list where you can send them promotional offers.
  • Strategy sessions – which work wonders if you’re group is smaller and you are a great talker with a persuasive voice.
  • Webinars – which are usually best if your product is expensive and it’s not something that people would usually buy over the phone or via email.

If you’re really moving toward a challenge and need assistance please click the link :